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Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles for over 20 years

drj_rev For over two decades, Dr. Derrick Johnson has practiced dentistry and has stayed committed to the latest advances in techniques and technology to help his patients. In 1995 he was a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He holds dental licensure in Arkansas and Arizona. From the very early days of his life as a dentist, Dr. Johnson knew that he wanted to work in complex oral rehabilitation and implant dentistry. He decided to begin a practice focusing on solving more advanced dental problems with an emphasis on implants and cosmetic dentistry. Initially practicing in Arizona, he served the communities of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley for 14 years. Dr. Johnson enjoyed his work and his patients, and his passion for dentistry further increased with time, but he missed the intimacy of a smaller town, like the one he grew up in, in north central Ohio.   In 2007, Dr. Johnson moved to the Ozarks, where he has built a respected, successful dental practice in Mountain Home, AR. In 2016 he opened a second practice location in Bentonville serving Northwest Arkansas. The doctor loves the community, people, and scenery of both the Ozarks and NorthWest AR and plans to remain in the area indefinitely. The doctor remains on the forefront of innovations in dentistry, bringing his patients proven tools and evidence-based treatments. At Integrated Dentistry, he serves adults of all ages with a wide range of dental and oral health concerns, with a special focus on implant dentistry and solving advanced dental problems.   Originally from Willard, Ohio, near the Great Lakes, Dr. Johnson loves the outdoors. His hobbies, outside of pursuing advanced dental studies, include biking, scuba, aviation, fitness, archery, and tennis. The doctor is the proud father of two daughters, who both attend Arizona State University. He is also an active member of the Mountain Home and Bentonville community.    

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A Personal Message from Dr. Johnson

"I understand the stress that the thought of dental work, can cause for those struggling with dental anxiety.  My dad was a severe dental-phobic. When he was 5 or 6 years old, he had a really bad experience at the dentist. This was back in the 1940s, yet this stayed with him his whole life. He vowed he’d never go to the dentist, and he never did. As I grew up, I watched his teeth, his smile and his health deteriorate over the years. Finally when I was in dental school I called him and told him that I needed to see a certain number of patients to meet my requirements, would he come in for an exam. I thought surely he would say no, but to my surprise, he accepted. He came, and I did the exam.  I was just in my first year of clinic at dental school, and I really hadn’t seen advanced dental disease up close. Well now I had. His mouth was a disaster. To see the ravages of dental disease, up close and knowing this was happening to my dad…well, that hits really close to home. I had to break the news to him that the only viable option was to remove the remaining diseased teeth and have dentures. I don’t think the news was a big surprise to him. The first set of dentures I made was for my father. I vowed after that to help people avoid the problems I saw my father have, and help people find solutions to get the care they need in a comfortable environment where they can feel safe and they know the people around them care. If my father was around today, I would certainly help him with dental implants, as there is no better way to replace lost teeth"

Service Offerings:

Dr. Johnson has witnessed the fact that oral health involves more than just teeth. He works under the knowledge that the mouth is an entire system, and that teeth, gums, joints, muscles, and bones must be healthy and working in harmony for optimal long-term oral health. The mouth is one of the most primary parts of our body's health — when it goes bad, it creates a ripple effect causing other negative health issues in the body. In addition to this integrated approach to care, and his prioritization of prevention,
Dr. Johnson offers: Implant Dentistry General and Complex Reconstructive Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry TMJ Disorder Treatment Solutions for Problem Dentures and Partials


Career Accolades and Accomplishments:

 Dr. Johnson has undergone specific residency programs, achieved fellowships, and studied in some of the most renown post-doctoral dental education institutions in the country. Academy of General Dentistry, Fellow — One of 7% of dentists who have this designationInternational Congress of Oral lmplantologists, Fellow American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Member American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Member Certified in Laser Dentistry International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology California Implant Institute Baylor College of Dentistry, Esthetic Continuum Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies Piper Education & Research Center One-year implant and surgery residency at Medical College of GA 2010 Assistant Professor at UAMS